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Mining Sector

Mining Sector
Mining Sector
Mining Sector


Tanzania Mining industry is highly important since it accounts for a significant share of the country’s export revenues. The Government plans to have this sector contribute 10% of GDP by 2025. Besides a few major companies, this sector contains several medium scale companies and a cluster of small-scale mining companies. Key mineral deposits include coal, copper, diamonds, gold, nickel, silver, uranium, and Tanzanite gemstone, which is found nowhere in the world other than Tanzania.   Even though the current discoveries of huge deposits of gas may change the equation, the Government planned to deploy coal- firepower to offset the shortage of energy.

Quick Facts

  • Processing of precious metals and gemstones.
  • Establishing a caustic soda refinery plant in Engaruka
  • Production of iron ore and steel in Liganga;
  • Processing of nickel in Kabanga; and
  • Extracting Uranium in Mkuju.
  • Investment in minerals smelters

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