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The manufacturing sector is at its infancy stage with few exploited areas whereby unprocessed agricultural commodities have dominated major exports.

The manufacturing sector has shown steady growth over the years, registering 8.3% annual growth rate and a small contribution of 8.1% to the GDP. The sector employs around 306,180 workers mainly in the urban areas. The sector contributes to the Tanzania economy through revenue collection of import and export sales, corporate tax, and income tax, contributing about 18.1% foreign exchange to the government.

Quick Facts

  • Tanzania is fully reliant on imported automotive products such as passenger cars
  • Tanzania has made discoveries of natural gas, soda ash, and other minerals required for petrol, gas, and chemical industries
  • Tanzania has a sugar demand gap of about 220,000 tons met through imports
  • In 2015 Tanzania imported 60% of its edible oil
  • Tanzania is identified as one of the 20 countries that will in the near future offer the most opportunities for consumer goods companies globally, particularly for food and beverages

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