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Tanzania is endowed with diverse energy sources including biomass, natural gas, hydro, coal, geothermal, solar and wind power and uranium, much of which is untapped. Commercial energy sources i.e., petroleum and electricity, account for about 8% and 1.2%, respectively, of the primary energy used. Coal, solar and wind account for less than 1%.

Quick Facts

  • At present, 21% of the population with about 7.4 percent in the rural areas has access to electricity.
  • The Tanzania power sector is dominated by a single vertically integrated national utility, Tanzania Electricity Supply Company Ltd (TANESCO).
  • The total grid installed generation capacity of both TANESCO’s power plants and private producers is currently at 1,438.24 MW
  • 561 MW is generated from TANESCO owned hydro power stations and thermal 658 MW
  • National electricity connectivity is about 14%
  • The contribution of non-hydro renewable energy for power generation is less than 5%
  • Wood-fuel accounts for up to 90% of total national energy consumption, with about 2% from electricity and 8% from petroleum products.

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