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Tanzania’s tourism industry accounts for about 24.0 % of its exports and 17.2% of GDP.This is a fast growing sector that offers plenty of investment opportunities.

Quick Facts

  • Average length of stay:  10-11 days
  • Average Expenditure per tourist: US$355 (package tours) and US$247 (non-package tours)
  • 22 National Parks,
  • 1 Conservation Area
  • 2 Game Reserves,
  • 44 Game Controlled Areas,
  • 4 Ramsar/Wetland Sites,
  • 33 Wildlife Management Areas,
  • 6 Nature Reserves
  • Tourism icons:
  • Kilimanjaro Mountain – 5,895 Meters High - is the highest free-standing mountain in the World and highest in Africa
  • Ngorongoro Crater is among the World Heritage Sites
  • Serengeti National Park with Animal Migration – the leading National Park in Africa in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Available Opportunities

Tourism is a fast growing sector that offers plenty of investment opportunities for investing in areas such as

  • Construction of Tourist Hotels in towns, game parks as well as along the 850 miles coast line of mainland Tanzania and the beautiful shores of the spice Island of Zanzibar
  • Establishment of leisure parks.
  • Construction of golf courses.
  • Investing in conference tourism facilities.
  • Provision of air/ground transport.
  • Tour operations and trophy hunting.
  • Sea and lake cruising.
  • Development of eco-tourism facilities.
  • Beach tourism, cultural and historical sites

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