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Tanzania is the largest nation in East Africa with a population of about 59 million (estimates of 2021) growing at an annual rate of about 3%. Tanzania is also a very young country with 44% of the population below the age of 15. The people comprise not less than 120 tribes; however, they are united by a common language known as Kiswahili, a common sense of purpose and common sense of nationhood. Most of the people are of Bantu origin and few of Asian descent. The majority of Tanzanians, over 70%, live in their native rural areas, where they adhere to native cultural norms. In the cosmopolitan areas, there is a diversity of people from all over the country. Overall, Tanzanians are very warm and hospitable people who often display a positive and pleasant reception to foreigners. Kiswahili is the national language in daily use and English is the official medium of communication in secondary schools, academic institutions, and business settings.



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