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Aftercare service is a core functional unit in investment promotion and facilitation whose role to facilitate both the successful start-up and continuing development of the investment with a view towards maximizing its contribution to the local economic development. The aftercare unit provides several facilitation services to registered investment project. Once you have registered your project, aftercare unit offers assistance in ensuring that your business project is implemented free of unnecessary obstacles. It is worth to note that since its inception Tanzania Investment centre (TIC) has been very successful in facilitation of the investment start-up.

Types of Aftercare Services

Aftercare services can be divided into three different categories:

  • Administrative services that facilitate the operations of foreign firms. These may include obtaining business licences and work permits, finding housing for expatriates and schools for their children.
  • Operational services that support the effective and efficient operations of foreign firms. They include support for training, identifying local suppliers and cluster development to improve productivity and competitiveness
  • Strategic services that influence the future direction of the firm, the development of new capabilities and the corporate development path in the host region. Their aim is to make sure that foreign affiliates stay and continue to expand or upgrade their business activities. They may include support to the development of new, higher value added products, nurturing local suppliers to international standards, and policy advocacy.

By using the Relationship Managers’ concept TIC implements investment Projects Visit Program in order to ensure investment benefits are attained, specifically aimed to:-

  • Advisory services
  • Improve the relationship between TIC and investors.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the projects registered under TIC
  • Establish achievements attained and challenges that investors are facing and proposal to address their problems/Highlighting for policy change.
  • Gather information on future plans/second phase investment plans and new jobs creation.
  • Enable TIC to update the investment projects database.
  • Remove barrier in key sectors to increase investment flows.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the investment projects.
  • Creating business linkages.
  • Creating new leads for a domestic and foreign firm expansion 

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