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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of investment in Tanzanian society? Answer: Benefits of investments to the community are as follows;-           Creates employment           The government collects revenue in a form of taxes,    ...
How does the Centre reach investors in different countries? Answer: Tanzania Investment Centre works closely with Tanzania Embassies around the World to organize investment forums, outward and inward business mission to reach potential investors in countries where we have representation. 
Answer: The competent authority for the discharge of land rights is the COMPETENT COURT OF TANZANIA by jurisdiction
  Do you create a linkage between local and foreign investor? Answer: Investment forums provide a platform where local and foreign investors meet and discuss issues regarding cooperation in various areas of their business.
Does the Center offer loans to investors/start-ups? Answer: Tanzania Investment Centre does not offer loans to investors/start-ups
Which sectors are promoted to attract investors? Answer: Priority areas of investments include: • Agriculture & Livestock development • Natural resources • Tourism • Manufacturing • Petroleum and Mining • Real Estate • Transportatio...
Answer: Advertised through investment forums, seminars, brochures and by press release in the papers and televisions.
How much capital do investors need to register the project with the Centre? Answer: A project value of not less than USD 100,000 if local owned and not less than USD 500,000 if foreign-owned.
Does the Centre register local and foreign investors? Answer: Yes, the Tanzania Investment Centre registers local and foreign investors.
Answer: The corporate tax is paid to TRA only if the projects start generating a profit and if the company does not generate profit, no payment of the corporate tax.   
What criteria do investors need to have to register the project with the Center? Answer: To register an investment project at Tanzania Investment Centre an investor is required to invest a minimum of USD 500,000 (for foreign investors) and a minimum of 300,000 (for local investors).  ...
Answer: The investor is allowed to mortgage the landed property under the Derivative Right after requesting TIC to grant consent  
What are the reasons to invest in Tanzania? Answer: Economic Stability with High Growth Potential Tanzania is experiencing sustained economic growth, with Gross Domestic Product (GDP) consistently growing at an average of 7% per annum for the last ten years.   
Answer: Tanzania Investment Centre was established in 1997. It is the primary agency of the Government to coordinate, encourage, promote and facilitate investments in Tanzania and to advise the Government on investment policy and related matters.  
Answer:  According to the TIC perspective, investment means the creation or acquisition of new business assets and includes the expansion, restructuring or rehabilitation of existing business enterprise

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