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03 May, 2024 11:00AM - 12:00PM DAR ES SALAAM
Premium Service Centre (IPSC)
Premium Service Centre (IPSC)

The Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) has officially launched its 'Premium Service Centre,' a dedicated facility aimed at providing swift services to investors. Accompanied by Secretary-General Dr. Tausi Kida, Minister of State for the President's Office of Planning and Investment, Hon. Prof. Kitila Mkumbo (Mb.), inaugurated the Special Centre for Smart Investors on May 4, 2024. Speaking to the media after the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Hon. Prof. Mkumbo highlighted that the center, situated within the TIC, is tailored to cater to investors efficiently, prioritizing based on the capital they bring to Tanzania. "We treat all investors equally, but we aim to expedite services for those bringing significant capital to stimulate economic growth and job creation," stated Prof. Mkumbo.

The center's establishment is designed to continuously enhance services and align with the President's vision of attracting more investors. Earlier, Secretary-General Dr. Tausi Kida emphasized that the facility, in collaboration with TIC, Azania Bank, and TRA, will enable Smart Investors to register their businesses within a day, streamlining the investment process.



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