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# Name Description View
Thandie Mfikwa photo Ms. Thandie Mfikwa Human Resources and Administration Manager View
Anna E. Lyimo photo Ms. Anna E. Lyimo Research and Planning Manager View
Pendo Gondwe photo Ms. Pendo Gondwe Manager View
Daudi S. Riganda photo Mr. Daudi S. Riganda Manager Investment Promotion (Foreign) View
Felix F. Michael photo Mr. Felix F. Michael Manager Investment Promotion (Domestic) View
Juventus M. Baitu photo Mr. Juventus M. Baitu Investment Facilitation Manager - Projects View
Grace Lemunge photo Grace Lemunge Investment Facilitation Manager- After Care View
Elimbora Muro photo Ms. Elimbora Muro Ag. Chief Internal Auditor View
Mariam Salum Mvano photo Ms. Mariam Salum Mvano Ag. Legal Affairs Manager View
Phina Jerome photo Ms. Phina Jerome Ag. Manager- Lake Zone View

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