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# Name Description View
John Mathew Mnali photo Mr. John Mathew Mnali Ag. EXCUTIVE DIRECTOR View
Mafutah Bunini photo Mr. Mafutah Bunini Director of Research and Information Technology View
Paschal L. Maganga photo Mr. Paschal L. Maganga Director Administration and Finance View
Seleman Mnzava photo Mr. Seleman Mnzava Director of Corporate Affairs View
Anna Lyimo photo Ms. Anna Lyimo Ag. Director of Investment facilitation View
Revocatus Rashel photo Mr. Revocatus Rashel Ag. Director of Investment Promotion View
Idrisa S. Msuya photo Mr. Idrisa S. Msuya Chief Internal auditor View
Rose Soloka photo Ms. Rose Soloka Finance Manager View
Salvatory Nguma photo Mr. Salvatory Nguma Manager, Personnel & Administration View
Gao H. Ngwilizi photo Mr. Gao H. Ngwilizi Manager Information Technology View

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