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Germany company looking to set footprint in Tanzania

The Germany Technology Giants, Bosch Company met with the Minister for Investment Honorable Angellah Kairuki in TIC’s office, Dar es Salaam on February 6th, 2019 and expressed strong interest to invest in Tanzania in various technological solutions after realizing the huge potential the country has in terms of growth and opportunities including automobile assembly. The Bosch delegation was led by the Germany Deputy Ambassador to Tanzania Jörg Herrera.


According to Mr. Uwe  Raschke who is the member of the board of management of Bosch, their company is aiming to invest in cost efficient gas-using-heaters for real estate developers, fleet efficiency systems for transporters, mining technologies, railways and airport communications and safety solutions. Further, Mr. Raschke who is also responsible for coordinating activities in Western Europe, Middle Eastern Europe, Russia,....

2019-02-08 11:23:41

Investment Opportunities in Edible Oil

Investors are hereby invited to explore the opportunities to venture into edible oil processing industries in order to help Tanzania bridge the supply deficit gap of 320,000 tones and slash the import bill, which currently stands at $294 Million.


The annual demand for edible old is 500,000 tones and annual supply is only 180,000 tones, which leaves the country with no choice but import the 320,000 tones to meet the demand. With demand forecast showing an increase from 500,000 to 700,000 tones of edible oil by 2030, Tanzania guarantees the market growth for investors for the foreseeable future.


The major sources of edible oil in Tanzania include sunflower, palm, groundnuts, sesame, soya beans and cotton. Oilseeds are produced in almost all regions in Tanzania.


Edible oil is....

2019-02-05 11:43:08

Investors from Saudi Arabia impressed by the investment opportunities in Tanzania

A delegation of 15 businessmen and officials from Saudi Arabia arrived in the country with a view of looking for business opportunities and investments. The delegation represents seven companies from construction, energy, industrial, residential, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. These businessmen will be in the country for two days (30th & 31st January, 2019) to obtain initial business information and investment that will influence them to make decision to invest in the country.


In order to ensure that these businessmen receive initial information on existing business opportunities and investments as well as how they will be helped to set up their projects in the country; Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA) in collaboration with Tanzania Investment Center (TIC), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East Africa Cooperation and the....

2019-01-31 09:20:24

TIC gets a new Investment Minister

The President of United Republic of Tanzania His Excellence President John Pombe Magufuli has appointed Honorable Angellah Kairuki as the Minister for Investment in the Prime Minister’s Office.

The appointment is a vindication of the government commitment and determination towards transforming the investment sector by creating a conducive environment with a view of attracting more domestic and foreign investments.

“In this appointment the government has shown that it means business and the appointment should improve investor’s confidence that this government is determined to improving the business environment and investment climate, “said the TIC Executive Director Mr. Geoffrey Mwambe

According to Mr. Mwambe the move will help TIC to swiftly address various investment related challenges, which needed policy interventions, budget implications and advocacy.

Mr. Mwambe who was talking to Journalists recently....

2019-01-28 15:17:11

Reforms meant to strongly promote investments at the same time protect natural resources in Tanzania

The Executive Director of Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) Geoffrey Mwambe was among the delegates to China to attend the Tanzania-China Mining Business and Investment Forum which took place in Beijing, on 10th December, 2018. Led by the Minister for Minerals Hon. Angellah Kairuki, the team from Tanzania comprised of about 80 delegates from the government and private sector.


Press conference was one of the key activities during the forum aiming at informing the World on Tanzanians’ economy, investment climate, opportunities and the readiness of the government to work with foreign investors worldwide. The press conference also focused on clarifying various issues which were wrongly reported by some of Western media particularly towards the recent decision by the Tanzanian Government to undertake policy and legal reforms in mining sector.



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