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Investors from Saudi Arabia impressed by the investment opportunities in Tanzania .

A delegation of 15 businessmen and officials from Saudi Arabia arrived in the country with a view of looking for business opportunities and investments. The delegation represents seven companies from construction, energy, industrial, residential, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. These businessmen will be in the country for two days (30th & 31st January, 2019) to obtain initial business information and investment that will influence them to make decision to invest in the country.


In order to ensure that these businessmen receive initial information on existing business opportunities and investments as well as how they will be helped to set up their projects in the country; Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA) in collaboration with Tanzania Investment Center (TIC), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East Africa Cooperation and the Saudi Arabia Embassy in the country organized a business meeting on January 30, 2019 at New African Hotel, in Dar es Salaam.


The meeting was organized in two parts where the first part (morning) involved the businessmen, institutions of the government and private sector of Tanzania to discuss investment and business overview in Tanzania.  Various presentations were provided on the opportunities, investment climate, procedures to invest in Tanzania, overview of a SMEs as well as the facilitation provided by the government to set up projects in the country. The Government and private institutions participated in the meeting include TIC, BRELA, SIDO and TCCIA. The Tanzania Investment Center had opportunity to give a presentation on opportunities and investment climate by Ms. Diana Ladislaus, Investment Promotion Officer.


 The second part of the meeting (afternoon)   involved   match-making meetings ‘B2B’ between representatives of Tanzanian companies and counter parts from Saudi Arabia. The focus was to discuss the opportunities for investment, trade and implementation of joint venture projects. In line with, the businessmen were prepared to conduct city tourism and visit some projects/industries.


The Tanzania Investment Center has been pleased with the coming of the businessmen with the prospect that if they reach their goal of establishing their projects, the country will benefit from increasing GDP through employment, tax collection, production of goods locally produced and attracting new technologies.


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