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Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) on July 2021, extended its aftercare services to Pharmaceutical Investments under construction at Zegereni Industrial area, Kibaha in Coast Region.

In an effort to assess the progress made to date on these registered investments, the Executive Director of TIC, Dr Maduhu Kazi and his team visited Vista Pharmaceuticals Limited and Kairuki Pharmaceuticals Industry Limited.

TIC witnessed how the incentives and other facilitation services provided by the Government had been utilized. Both projects began their implementation in 2018 and so far, both have collectively invested overt 30 billion Tanzanian Shillings.  Both projects are in their final stages of completion and are expected to be commissioned in the next few months.

Dr. Maduhu Kazi said that, the two projects have installed state of art machinery for manufacturing of pharmaceutical products including syrups, tablet forms and IV Intravenous fluids. Once operational, the country will become self-sufficient with respect to the items being produced. Surplus will be exported to various markets including the SADC region where Tanzania has been selected to be a pharmaceutical and medical equipment procurement entity for the SADC Region.

“Tanzania’s local pharmaceutical manufacturing is inadequate to national demand with 80% of medicines being imported hence spending foreign currency around US $0.8–1bn annually”, says Dr. Maduhu 

In expressing satisfaction and appreciation for the progress seen, the TIC Executive Director pledged to these investors and other investors in Tanzania, TIC’s support and full commitment to operationalizing their investments. This includes addressing the challenges being experienced. He further urged other stakeholders to extend their support in a timely manner with a view to resolving some challenges facing investment projects in the Zegereni Industrial area such as access roads, water, electricity, telecommunications and natural gas utilities. By doing so they will enable these investment projects to meet their planned implementation timelines and recoup their investment costs.

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